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By Joel Friedman

Joel’s Midsummer Night’s Update!

On 01, Aug 2017 | In News | By Joel Friedman

I don’t usually do mid-summer newsletters, but this warrants one!

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be writing the score for a new puppet theater work, entitled Home.  The clever and talented Jim Henson Foundation awardees at Evolve Puppets, Tanya Khordoc and Barry Weil, are the creators of Home and have launched a fundraising campaign at Fractured Atlas, which is serving as the fiscal host for the project. Home is a lovely, funny, and heartfelt show featuring live performers, beautiful hand-made porcelain dolls, Shadow puppetry, bunraku-inspired rod puppetry, object manipulation, and mask theatre for sophisticated audiences. Speaking of home, the project represents a homecoming of sorts, for me: it’s New York-based, it’s a return to theater music for me, and Tanya… was our daughter’s amazing kindergarten teacher! So check out their fundraising page (click HERE) and help them bring this terrific project to fruition. Do it for them, do it for the art, do it for me. We’ve got 90 days to raise the money. Every tax-deductible contribution will help!  Please pass this one to anyone you know who might be interested.

Meanwhile I have a few other exciting things up my sleeve, but they’ll wait for my regularly scheduled Fall Newsletter![UNIQID]