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Selected Works

One Into One – for soprano & piano

On 04, Aug 2018 | In | By Joel Friedman

One Into One – for soprano & piano

One Into One (lyric: Seth Friedman)
Instrumentation: soprano & piano
Duration: Ca. 5 minutes

A song of pure love and union, One Into One – for soprano and piano – was originally written as a wedding present for my wife Jenny Bilfield. It is pure “white note music” – literally nothing but the C diatonic collection, not a single accidental. It was also originally the finale to the larger song cycle One Into One, but is often performed as an individual song. The lyric is by my brother Seth Friedman.

Perusal score: click here
You can purchase an 8.5×11″ PDF copy of the score below:

One Into One – for soprano & piano 8.5×11 PDF score