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Constructing Thought, One Note at a Time

Inferno: Double Concerto for Viola, Cello, and Chamber Orchestra

Home – a hybrid puppetry theater play

One Into One – for soprano & piano


From: All Things Are Set Ablaze (2017)


Uncle Hokum’s Fiddle for solo violin (2013)

Arias with Dance Glitch (2016)

When the World Disintegrates Before Your Eyes for solo viola (2013)

Movable Home (for string orchestra) (2015)

Wine Ring App Launch Video Score

Triptych for solo cello (2013)

Tomorrow Never Knows

Fallings (Workshop Excerpts)


Gravity of Honey

Concerto (In the Form of Variations) for Viola and Orchestra

The Emily Songs

Elastic Band

What the Living Do

Pas de Deux for cello and piano

Red Ice

Personals – I Think You Should Know

T Tables

Hey Ho, the Wind and the Rain!

Latest News

Musically, I am a “synthesist” - someone who is fascinated by all types of music regardless of genre or style, or whether it is narrative or abstract in nature. When I was a kid, I loved jazz and rock and later discovered classical music. But, as a composition student, I was urged by several of my teachers to specialize among my musical activities – to choose between musical theater/rock or concert music. I resisted and instead resolved to synthesize, rather than compartmentalize my creative work. I have composed music for the concert hall (small and large ensembles), and for musical theater, opera, dance, film, jazz, and rock. My thinking is constantly refreshed through collaborations, teaching activities, and new creative projects.

“Home” was a hit!

7th October 2019 By Joel Friedman

“Home” the evening-length puppetry theatre multimedia play I scored had a successful run at the Tank NYC in May. It was a real pleasure to work with an all-star creative team and cast on this moving and beautiful work. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Taipei, Taiwan!

7th October 2019 By Joel Friedman

A fantastic trip traveling all over Taiwan meeting artists, composers, teachers, and administrators, and seeing everything thing from the new ultra modern Weiwuying – National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts, to the Aboriginal Piwan tribes, to the National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei. Composer Dr. Ching-Wen Chao was kind enough to invite me to speak to her fantastic students in her formal analysis class about “Beatle Innovation: When Curiosity & Technology Met Songwriting.” The warmth, breath, and high level of art making here is beyond belief (not to mention… the food!).

Presentation at the Abbey Road Conference!

7th October 2019 By Joel Friedman

I had a great time giving my paper/presentation George Harrison and Something- Sinatra’s “favorite Lennon & McCartney song” at the recent Abbey Road Conference at Eastman/Univeristy of Rochester (for the 50th Anniversary of the release of Abbey Road). It was a fantastic conference, with amazing participants and presentations, and how often do you get to hang out and chat with legend Ken Townsend, MBE – the inventor of ADT (Artificial Double Tracking), and the savior of Abbey Road Studios?